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World's Fair Beer


In 1982, the World's Fair transformed our "scruffy little city," Knoxville, TN, into a bustling global hub. To commemorate this special occasion, World's Fair Beer was introduced. The brand released nine can designs and sold for six months in the great State of Tennessee. In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the '82 World's Fair, a group of Knoxvillians are resurrecting this redux brew to commemorate the Fair, give back to their city, and strike a chord of nostalgia in the hearts of all who partake.


For the 35th anniversary of World’s Fair Beer, we're switching things up. While the original World’s Fair Beer was a light lager brewed in another state, we want to do something a little more special this time around, as Tennesseans always do. While the can may look the same, the beer that is inside it is far from it.

Our beer is a pale ale that at 5.4% ABV and 35 IBUs, is smooth and approachable, but also bold and flavorful enough for those who crave an experience every time they crack one open. It has a deep orange color like a sunset over the Smoky Mountains. The aroma is bright like the reflection of the Sunsphere in the summertime. The flavor is bustling with tropical and piney hops. This beer greets you with a fruity aroma and finishes with a restrained bitterness, balanced with a crisp flavor. We hope you enjoy World’s Fair Beer as much as we do. You can drink it out of the can or pour it in a glass; either way, just know that you are drinking a part of history and we are glad you have joined us for the ride.

Our Story

Many East Tennesseeans have the same story about their parents or grandparents having a case of vintage World's Fair Beer stashed in an attic or basement. In 1982, our founder had an idea to commemorate the World's Fair with a beer that was light and collectible. Although he was an underdog, just like Knoxville hosting such an event, he ignored the critics and released a beer that became an icon. 

Read the full story from 1982 news sources

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World's Fair Beer is not just a beer. That would be too shallow. World's Fair Beer is an opportunity to love people well.

Whenever you're enjoying World's Fair Beer, you can feel good knowing that 20% of all profits are going back into our city to support the organizations that make a difference in the lives of Knoxvillians. Want to have a say in that? Let us know what organizations you think could use some extra funding. 

"The beer that made Knoxville famous."

— PM Magazine



We are an eclectic team. We range far and wide in age, abilities, and experience. What holds a group of rascals like us together? A deep love for Knoxville and the people who call it home, a desire to do good unto others as HE called us to, and of course, to give you a great beer... "the beer that made Knoxville famous."

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